laptop-diagnostic-troubleshoot-repairThis laptop troubleshooting website is provided for free to help users quickly and easily diagnose their own laptop computers without needing to take it to a laptop repair service center. The information here is regularly updated and if you wish to contribute to this website, please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form on this website.


This site won’t help you or show you how to actually fix your computer. There are plenty of sites and videos for that kind of information. We will also NOT guide you step by step to disassembling your laptop nor should you attempt to fix it prior to taking it to a qualified technician. Tampering with your laptop before to taking it to a technician can sometimes make the problem worse! Although our guide is pretty in depth and can pin point you to the exact problem your laptop is having, it is by no means the keys to being able to fix it yourself.

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